About Us

Ark Company with the management of Ali Karimian Shirazi began trading in the year 1380, and in 2011, with the registration of the trading company, Armenia expanded its international activities.

The company's activities in the commercial and construction sectors - food, electricity and technology - chemical industry - automotive and parts - were agricultural products and textile industry for export and import.

In 1396, according to market expansion policies, it has decided to hold independent international and specialized exhibitions for Iranian businessmen and Eurasia region, and with a special plan for marketing and sales, offers a different and planned agenda. .

In order to achieve this, the plan was completed in 2012 and 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia, as Pavilion, as well as in December 2009, in Mashhad, Iran.

** Our belief is: successful people do the same as other people do, but in another way ...

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